Precision Tackle My Jig

Precision Tackle My Jig
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  • The "My Jig" was developed by MLF Bass Pro Tour Pro Roy Hawk and Precision Tackle. Since we didn't agree on who was responsible, it was always "my jig" and not the other's, it became jokingly "My Jig". 
  • After much development, we settled on a design that performed in all conditions and hooked fish well. The custom head design fishes through heavy cover(rock, brush, man-made cover, tules, etc.) effectively. The unique keeper system holds plastic trailers solidly. With a properly angled brush guard, "My jig" is built on a heavy gauge Gamakatsu hook that is incredibly sharp and withstands abuse. All skirts are hand tied with wire. Available in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 oz. and with many proven colors and other custom options, this jig will fulfill the needs of fisherman wherever they are.
  • Roy Hawk won the 2021 US OPEN on Lake Mead with "My Jig" as his primary lure and caught the big fish of the tournament!

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